With Glitter Hair You Just Don’t Care

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, which is cool (I ain’t judging!), you’ve probably heard of glitter roots. Before the whole craze even started, one day I was getting ready for an event and I was doing my go to hairstyle: THE WET LOOK. Now, you may not know it yet, so it’s time to let the cat out of the bag: I am completely retarded when it comes to doing my hair!

But I digress, so as I was doing my sleek sexy wet look, which makes me look like an angry lesbian. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a look that I love, and I also love the LGBTQ community. If you can’t get a joke, walk away.               So, while doing my hair in the mirror, I thought: what if I mixed some glitter into the hair gel? I didn’t have enough glitter on me so I just said I’d try it one day when I had the time, energy, and greasy hair.

Well, after almost two years I decided to give it a try and see how a full head of glitter looks, not just the roots. It looks fuckin’ cool! Now, here a tried a more unpolished version of the wet look, if you really want to cover all that hair with glitter, you gotta go between the cracks(the spots where you can see my roots between the glittery chunks of hair) and add some more glittery hair gel.

What I used:

  • Hair gel (Syoss Max Hold Styling Gel)
  • A brush for applying dye to your hair
  • A bowl
  • Glitter (like a lot)

I recommend getting one of those big glitter jars that you can find at a craft store, because you will use a lot, I used a fistful of glitter just for the front part. I ran out of glitter and that’s why there are no pictures from the back. Schhhhh! Don’t judge me, you got the idea!

Now, the worst part about a full head of glitter is not the dirty looks the old lady down the street is gonna give you, but the fact that 5 days later you’ll still find glitter up your ass crack.

When it comes to removing it, it’s easy, you just wash your hair. Just make sure you shampoo it twice and then rinse real good, not like I did( that’s how you get a glittery ass crack).

Oh, and last but not least, wear a bag or a house shirt when you do this, glitter can and will get everywhere. Even when you’ll be dried and in your sexy outfit you might sprinkle a lil’ bit of glitter around you, but don’t be alarmed, it won’t be a shit tone of it.


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