The Holy Trinity of Decor: Cheap, easy, cool (part 1)

Eeeeh, don’t these bottles look fancy? And besides being pretty, they are also useful. I’ve learnt that the best way to decorate a room is by keeping the things you need close, while also making them look attractive or masking them. Decor can be hot and practical, duuh. I used to always leave my makup remover and toners all over the place and the bottles were all the colours of the rainbow. I recently found a cheap and chic way to store these liquid products: I pour them into glass bottles that I found for 2 euros each at a magical store called Pepco. You can also find nice bottles at the flea market, dollar store and many other places.

Got an old mirror that you don’t use or you just happen to know a place where you can get crappy mirrors at a cheap price ? Then go ahead and repurpose them. Using a mirror as a tray makes the space look bigger and well thought out.

Just because you’re looking for things for your bedroom, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look in the bathroom or kitchen section of the shop. I, for example, bought these cute gray tooth brush holders and I use them to store my makeup brushes.

TLDR Version:

Repurpose stuff and mask the unattractive objects that you have, to keep them at hand.

    1. It is a total game changer. Now if only I could do the same thing with my deo spray, my room would finally be zen. ?

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