Makeup Revolution Skin Kiss Highlighter Review

Hello, witches!

Makeup Revolution are really stepping up their game. I recently visited my friend’s makeup island and saw that he had three new highlighters. The best highlighter collection from them so far, in my opinion, is this one, the Skin Kiss. I picked up the pink toned one named Peach Kiss because I have nothing similar in my collection.

I really like it. The price was a bit higher than the usual Makeup Revolution highlighter but totally worth it. I understand why the price bump because this is a huge pan, and the quality of the product makes it last a long time. It’s not chalky and it’s not glittery. I love it when a highlighter is shimmery and doesn’t have noticeable big chunks of glitter in it.

It swatches beautifully when using a finger but it’s very dense so you don’t really pick up a lot of product on the brush. It’s perfect for a more natural glow, but also good for building up and achieving the blinding glow of a god. I like to spray my brush or Beauty Blender with MAC Fix + before dipping in the pan, and shine like there’s no tomorrow. It’s 14 grams and I compared the size to the Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter which is 10 grams, and almost half the price. The Vivid Baked one is a little dustier than this one, so you’re totally getting your money’s worth for both of them.

I love this dusty rose shade with golden reflexions, but I haven’t been really reaching for it because I feel that for my pasty white cheeks it’s a bit too pink, and we all know I love me a deathly look. But I’m definitely buying every shade in the collection.

Oh, and last but not least can we pleaaase talk about the packaging?! It’ beautiful! A big rose gold pan and rose gold is my favourite shade of gold! Aaaaand it has a huge mirror! Perfect for travelling, and for making this packaging-whore excited!

TL;DR Version:


  • Shimmery
  • Buildable
  • Large quantity
  • Beautiful packaging


  • Needs a little work to achieve a wow effect

Final verdict: Full Moon with a Star

It’s a really high-quality product at a decent price. It may not be the bee’s knees but it is really great.

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