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Once again, it is time for a new addition to the MAKEUP GUIDE series. It’s time we talked about the tools of the trade, aka brushes and sponges. Now, I didn’t mention every type of brush because there are a lot of them, I tried to include the most common and widely used ones. And before you jump and say that you can use any brush for anything, sure, yes, you can use whatever, whenever but this is a basic guide for all the makeup lovers out there that want a little bit of orientation to use their brushes at their full potential.

First of all, a few definitions:

WET PRODUCTS: these are all the cream/foam/stick/liquid products, basically anything that contains a liquid in its’ composition

DRY PRODUCTS: the powder products, loose or compact, they are a big help in setting, aka “drying” the wet products

BAKING: when you apply a large amount of loose powder over concealer or foundation and let it set into the wet product for a few minutes for better coverage and endurance of the makeup; afterwards you dust off the excess by lightly sweeping it off with a clean fluffy brush

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Small Flat Brush

It’s used to apply eyeshadow to the mobile lid due to the fact that it can pick up a lot of product and apply it evenly on the lid. It can also be used to apply glitter on the lids and concealer under the eyes.

Blending Brush

One of the most crucial brushes ever is the blending brush. By moving it left and right, or in small circles you dissipate the eyeshadows into one another to create a flawless transition on the eyelids. You can also use it to blend powder nose contouring.

Bullet Brush

You can use this to apply eyeshadow on the lower lash line or smudge eyeliner/pencil both on the upper lash line and the lower one. You can also use it to apply precise points of shadow in the crease.

Angled Eyeliner & Brow Brush

It’s good for applying gel eyeliner and also applying gel or powder brow products.

Fan Brush

It’s perfect for brushing off excess powder, applying the highlight, and if you get a thicker, bigger one you could also apply powder bronzer with it though I would honestly not use it for that.

Flat Foundation Brush

It can be used to apply and blend cream products such as foundation and contour. You have to use a light hand as to not remove or just move around product. I personally think it’s hard to blend with it, especially if you’re a beginner.

Stippling Brush

Perfect for applying and blending any type of cream product.

Angled Powder Brush

Generally used for applying powder highlight, blush, and bronzer.

Powder Brush

It can be used to “bake” the face, set the entire face with loose or compact powder.  Depending on the size it can also be used for applying powder blush, contour and highlight, but it’s not usually used for that because they come in big sizes which do not offer precision.

Blush Brush

Perfect for applying powder under the eyes due to it getting thinner and thinner towards the middle. It can also be used for applying powder blush, highlight and contour.

Spoolie Brush

It’s perfect for blending product in the brow hairs and for separating lashes when they’ve clumped up in bunches due to the mascara.

Beauty Blender Type Sponge

It is used wet! to apply and blend wet (cream) products. It can also be used to apply powder for “baking”.

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