I’ve learned over the years that one nice dress can lead to a blah outfit. Why is that? You may ask. Well, let me tell you why. You need an entire ensemble to make an outfit bewitching.  Everything from your hair, makeup to your accessories must be on point, and so you can make the most basic jeans and t-shirt look magazine worthy.

Try to remember all those celebrities that look like they just came off a magazine cover even though they’re wearing a variation of your “going to the supermarket” outfit. It’s all about tying the outfit together. When you have cool hair, your face looking flawless, that’s when an outfit starts to look more than basic.

You can see in the first pic that my hair is in a tired ass looking low pony tail, my face is full of pimples. I look pretty basic even though I’m wearing that cool “kimono” and witchy shoes.

Add statement shoes, a statement bag, a “kimono” that is more fitted in the upper side to balance the dress, some accessories and BAM! Makeup on point and a bit of volume in the hair and we’re ready to slay!

Photos by Emil Costruţ

Dress: H&M 10 $

Shoes: Zara 20 $

Purse: H&M 20 $

Necklace: Zara 10 $

First Kimono: H&M 15 $

Second Kimono: Thrift Store 3 $

Rings and bracelet: I can’t remember but they were cheap

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