Hello, witches!

It’s time we talked about my new favourite brushes. Now Roubloff is a Russian company located in the city of Kirov, which produces not only brushes for makeup but also brushes for painting and nail art. They use the best technology from German, Japanese, Italian and Chinese brush manufacturers. and let me tell you, they reek of quality. I had heard of them before on Romanian makeup forums but I never paid them too much attention.

That was until at the end of October I went to a beauty fair (Beauty Focus Oradea). They had a little island at the fair and I was in love. The brushes are high quality, many of them with natural hair and they won’t cost you an arm and a leg like other similar high-quality brands. Don’t get me wrong, they’re not super cheap but for what they offer, they’re reasonably priced.

Finding a natural haired brush is really hard, I love my synthetic ones but a good,  natural hair makes blending a lot easier and faster. So, I’m not saying you should give up that 7 $ set from Aliexpress but if you want to invest in some more professional brushes, you can give Roubloff  a shot.

I’m honestly not a big fan of the colour and shape of their classic handles, I’m more into the sleek, black MAC look, but these babies do the job. I got four natural haired brushes and one synthetic. And now let me introduce you to my new babies:

The GR06 Brush

Love to use this one for more detailed blending. A good blending brush is a must and I’m so happy I found this so now I can use it alongside my trusty 217 MAC one.

The BC07 Brush

i love to use the GR06 for more detailed work but i like to finish off and blend out my eyeshadow and transition colour with this one. It’s made out of squirrel hair and it’s great.

The GO18 Brush

Nice goat hair to apply and blend powder products to the face. It’s great because it absorbs oil and leaves a flawless finish.

The FK12 Brush

The only synthetic brush out of the bunch, it imitates squirrel hair. I love the shape and use it to set my under eye area with powder. Bake a cake, witcheeees!

The GF50K Brush

This makes contouring a breeze. I’ve never blended out a powder contour this fast! Magic! I’ve honestly never seen a brush like this. I love the natural wood handle and at first, I was a bit nervous about it. I’m used to the long average brush handles, I thought this might feel weird, not being used to it, but you don’t need to get ease into it. It’s the shape that instantly becomes comfortable in your hand. Oh, and it also has goat hair which is great for absorbing product, making any look softer, more natural. Can’t wait to try it out with cream contour. The only thing that kind of freaked me out about is that when there’s a hair poking out of it and you gently pull it, it comes out really easily. I’m guessing this is natural when a brush has this many hairs and it’s probably made in a different way compared to the other ones.

I hope you enjoyed the witch’s new post and see you next time! Bye, witches!

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