How to Become a Mermaid

March has been an eventful month!I signed up to participate in the Nyx Face Awards Competition, in Romania. I am also starting a Youtube Channel, it will have videos mostly in English, but also some in Romanian. So, if you want to stay tunned and support me in the competition, please give the video a thumbs up, comment, subscribe and if you’re a really generous god, please share!

I tried to show that you don’t need all those fancy prosthetics and face paints to be able to make a cool fantasy makeup. I also wished to represent how one product can be used in many ways, because let’s not forget that we live in an age of wastefulness, and WASTE IS KILLING OUR OCEANS, AND THEREFORE OUR MERMAIDS!

So, no more blabbing. Here are the resulting pictures and video.

Photos: Costruţ

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