Shade: Porcelain

L.A. Girl PRO Coverage HD long wear illuminating foundation is DA BOMB! Bought it from iWish after my friend over there said it’s like a perfect dupe for MAKEUP FOREVER ULTRA HD FOUNDATION. I haven’t tried that one yet, but this one is indeed amazing.

I tried it for the first time on myself but as my skin was under treatment, it was as dry as the Grand Canyon. The second time, I tried it on a couple of women, when I worked at the opening of the new iWish Cosmetics makeup counter in my hometown. I was there to give free makeup sessions to curious customers, so they may get acquainted to the products. It applied beautifully!

It has a medium to high coverage. If you have dark circles around your eyes that aren’t reaaaally dark then you don’t even need a concealer anymore, because this baby will cover’em up.

The smell kinda bothers me a little bit, but it goes away really fast, so it’s not a major turn-off. It’s something between plastic and coffee, fortunately it’s not a strong scent.

It is long lasting, so it won’t melt as soon as you reach the party. I wouldn’t use it as a daily “I’m going to the store to buy bread” foundation, but I totally recommend it for photoshoots, events and whenever you want to make sure that every inch of skin imperfection is covered. Although, if we look at the pictures below, it doesn’t look cakey on the skin, but for constant daily use I’d still recommend to go for a water based, oil free foundation.

I have the lightest shade which if you are extremely pale, it will not fit you, but after applying on so many girls, I noticed it pretty much works on the average pale-ish white witch.


  • full coverage
  • cheap (around 12 dollars)
  • long-lasting


  • weird smell when you apply it

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Final Rating: Full Moon with a Star


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