DIY Palm Reading Ring Stand

Here I am, again, with a new easy and witchy DIY decor project! It is time for all my witches to make themselves a palm reading ring holder, to keep that bling on display. I went to my local Jumbo store, which is a giant toys and different types of crap supermarket. It’s full of cheap stuff, and sometimes you can get lucky and find some interesting things that won’t crumble in your hands as soon as you walk out the door.

What you need:

  • a hand (hahaha, get it ?)
  • sandpaper
  • 2 different colours of paint or nailpolish

I went and bought myself a ring holder in the shape of a hand, I paid about 1 euro for it. Because I wanted to paint it, and to make the paint last and grasp to the plastic, my boyfriend suggested that I should sand off the shiny surface layer. I sanded it really lightly with a piece of sandpaper we had lying around in the basement. You don’t have to be very careful or gentle when sanding the hand, because those little crevices will get filled with paint later on. I did this step to ensure that the paint won’t chip off so easily. I washed it with water and then sprayed some alcohol to make sure it’s degresed. I waited for the alcohol to evaporate and then I took my trusty black spraypaint outside and sprayed one layer on it.

After the paint was dry, I opened pinterest and looked for some palm reading charts for inspiration. You can paint the symbols with any type of paint, I had some old white nail polish that looks like cheese on my nails, so I decided to use that. Took a thin brush and got creative. BAM! You can see the results below!

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