DIY Notebook for the non-crafty witch

We all saw those cool ass DIYs where they paint galaxies and other cool stuff. That’s all nice, but when you try to reproduce them, it just looks like a fuckin’ mess. If you’re one of those people that just blow at art and you have no sense of space and shape and whatever but you need to make things look nice, then this is the perfect DIY project for you!

What you need: an ugly notebook, paint, glue, a nice printed picture or sticker.

This was a complete experiment. I had no idea what I was doing, how it was going to look, but apparently I did a witchy job. I took my cheap ass notebook outside and spray painted it black. I had some leftover matte black spray paint lying around the house, so I wasn’t gonna waste it! Then, after it dried, I glued the printed image of the hands onto the notebook. Of course I cut the shape of it before, duuh!

Because the back of the notebook had an area that was textured (because I ripped off the sticker with the company’s information), there were crumbly pieces when you rubbed it. I was worried that it might stain stuff if you shoved it in your bag along other stuff, so in order to seal the thing without going to buy a special transparent solution, I used a cheap, clear nail polish. Having the hands of a butcher, when I was applying the clear nail polish with a painting brush, I used a heavy hand and started to pick up the black coat of paint, so I just made a big mix! I threw in some normal black acrylic paint , in some areas it got mixed with the nail polish, thus I got this cool texturized look. I got that worn out look on the image by using some polish and a little bit of black paint. TA DAM! HAPPY ACCIDENTS!



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