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I just want to share with you that I have found my favourite lipstick! A couple of months ago, my friend, Ana, came to visit me and she had a gorgeous lipstick, that cost only about 4.88 $ (19 RON), which she got from a small store in her hometown. She gave me her lipstick and I was in love. Well, let me tell you that before our next meeting I made her facetime me from the store so I could pick 5 more shades. Of course, the store just increased their price to approximately 6.16 $ (24 Ron) but it’s still worth it!

The company, named Aden, produces some awesome liquid lipsticks that dry down matte, and will wear for a century! When I went to the Glamour Street Fashion Show, I applied the pinky shade before I left home, and let me tell you that I did not need to reapply, not even once. I only ate two cookies, but I was drinking coffee, sipping champagne and other beverages for about 8 hours and it did not budge!

Here I was rocking it at the event I mentioned before. If you want to read more about it, check out this link.

It is a little drying on the lips but not excessive, especially if you use a lip balm before it, then you’re good to go. It withstands eating, but this depends on how oily your food is, I mean most lipsticks get dissolved by oil but this one does a better job withstanding your greasy food, I like it more honestly than my Kat Von D and Too Faced liquid lipsticks. I actually ate a slice a pizza and at the end, I still had lipstick on my lips!

It does transfer, but just a little, again, compared to my other liquid matte lipsticks, even if I lose a bit of the lipstick at the edge of my cup, my lips are still fully covered and looking freshly done.



  • Long-lasting
  • Cheap
  • Beautiful and wide selection of clours


  • A bit of transfer

Here I was wearing that grey-lavenderish shade, topped with a bit of a blue highlight from the Kat Von D Alchemyst palette.

Here’s that beautiful purple that made me fall in love with these lipsticks.

Final verdict: FULL MOON WITH A STAR

It’s better than a lot of high-end liquid lipsticks and even less than a quarter of the price. I can’t wait to go back and get the rest of the collection, all 30 something shades!

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