The witch behind the cauldron



Hello, witches! My name is Anteea, but everybody calls me Tea. I’m a 24 year old makeup artist from Oradea, Romania. I got my formal training in makeup at  Salon Vestige, in Cluj-Napoca.

On this page you willl find spellbinding make-up tutorials,product reviews, beauty tips and tricks,  DIY (Do It Yourself) spells, and also some look inspiration for the modern, urban witch.I hope that you will always leave this blog having learned something, be it a small trick or a life changing ritual. I look forward to hearing some feedback, to make this Coven a safe place for all those that share a love of all things beautiful in their own unique and weird way.


New Moon

The equivalent of 1 Star

Waxing Crescent

The equivalent of 2 Stars

Waxing Quarter

The equivalent of 3 Stars

Waxing Gibbous

The equivalent of 4 Stars

Full Moon

The equivalent of 5 Stars

Full Moon and a Star

It’s more than a 5 star product, it’s a WOW product