Hello witches!

Today I want to help you out with a couple of suggestions, in case you’re feeling uninspired with what to buy for the witches in your life. I’ve listed cheap, expensive and DIY (do it yourself) gift ideas, to make sure that we can cover everyone’s budget.

Victoria’s Secret Body Stuff

Even if the witch in your life is not beauty obsessed, every witch likes to feel pampered and has to hydrate her body, so a perfect gift would be some lovely body creams, oils or mists. I especially love this set from Victoria’s Secret because it looks very Christmasy with the little snowflake-like crystals on the packaging. I’m obsessed with the Snow Mint set, but I forgot that one at my parents’ house. 🙁

But this one is also lovely, especially because most people prefer the smell of vanilla to the one of mint. Just make sure the witch you’re gifting this to doesn’t have a problem with sweet scents.

DIY Witchy Things

This is for my DIY-ers! I’ve previously done two tutorials on two cool witchy Do It Yourself Projects, so here they are.

Palm Reading Ring Stand

Witchy Notebook

Saint and Sinner palette from KVD

For your makeup obsessed witch, and if you have the budget, you can’t go wrong with any Kat Von D palette, especially the Saint and Sinner one, because it’s the darkest and gothic looking one, and as an added bonus it has some wonderful and interesting colours.

For more information on this palette, you can read my review on it by following this link.

Dark Lipsticks

I recently got quite a few of the Sephora Cream Lipstain Liquid Lipsticks, and if you have a dark witch in your life and want to get them a small, cute gift that they can use all year round, these are a pretty good option. They have 44 shades from which you can choose, and are 14 $ a piece. Now, if your witch is into strong and dark colours, I totally recommend getting one of these three interesting shades: black, dark green, and dark purple. Put one or more in a stocking and fill the rest with sweets, and BAM! Your witch can wear some colours that can’t be found in every brand’s collection, and they can also be used as eyeliners! Double trouble!


Witches love candles! I usually don’t light up my cool ones, because they’re too pretty to waste, but I set them up around my apartment and use them as permanent decor. Inexpensive candles are easy to find. I got mine from H&M three years ago, around Halloween, but you can find similar ones all year round, online. If by any chance you can’t find cool looking candles or don’t have the budget, check out if your witch likes to do candle rituals. Normal stick candles are frequently used by us witches for money, love, protection and many more rituals. Each colour is used for something different. Green is for prosperity, red is for love. You can easily find information on this online if you just Google CANDLE RITUALS. Or follow this link.

Crystals & gemstones

Even if your witch doesn’t do crystal magic, most witches enjoy having crystals and gems around the house because they look freakin’ cool. It can be a very personal gift because you can choose the type of crystal according to your witch’s needs. For example, you can choose the crystal corresponding to his/her zodiac sign, or to a spiritual/physical problem.

Here’s a link that might help you choose.

Tarot Cards

Tarot card sets can range from very cheap (4 $) to thousands. You don’t even need a huge budget to get a nice vintage set, or even just one really old card beautifully framed. Even if your witch already has a tarot card deck, I’m sure she/he would love a collectable one. Or get a new one with cats, cats are awesome.

That’s all for today! I hope my suggestions were helpful and if you have any ideas for great gifts for a witch, let me know in the comment section below. Bye, witches!


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