6 Ways to clean your Makeup Brushes

Your brushes need some lovin’! I die a little bit on the inside every time I go by someone’s house and I see their dirty brushes thrown around in the bathroom. Woman, you put those on your face! Clean’em! You don’t put dirty dick in your mouth, so why do you do this to your face?!

1. Dry Sponge Makeup Cleaner

This is perfect for removing eyeshadow off of brushes in between makeups, or during the same makeup, to make sure you don’t get your eye makeup all dirty because you’re using the same eyeshadow filled brush. I personally use this more between looks because I have 7 blending brushes, and I’m in too much of a hurry to spray some alcohol and let them dry.

These things get dirty really easy, so they’re a very short term option, like if you reaaaally need that one brush, or get more cleaners. You can turn the sponge on the other side when one’s dirty, and when both of them are filthy, just take it out, wash it with water and soap, let it dry (it’s pretty fast) and re-use.

2. Isopropyl Alcohol

This is what I use to disinfect my brushes. As I am a makeup artist, some of my brushes will touch the faces of different people, so I have to make sure that everything is in pristine condition. I put it in a spray bottle and spritz my brushes, it helps clean both the wet and dry makeup out of my brushes, and it will also kill off any bacteria. Now, you’re brushes won’t look freshly washed, no cleaning solution will do that. They look brand new only when you actually wash them, and even then it’s hard to get out some dried up foundation that’s near the base of the bristles. I also sometimes mix a bit of the isopropyl alcohol with my baby soap and water to disinfect my brushes during bath time.  Try not to use too much as it can melt the glue, and also with time alcohol will burn the bristle, but hey, you gotta clean those babies.

3. Antibacterial Soap

I alternate between my brush washing methods. Sometimes I use Protex Anti-Bacterial Soap. It works great! It helps kill off all the nasty bacteria and it also cleans out all that eyeshadow and foundation.

I have a small soap container, I wet my brush bristles, I swirl it on the soap so it can pick up product, and then I swirl the brush around on a plastic glove used for massaging yourself during a shower/bath. I got that for 1 euro, instead of buying one of those pricy small brush cleaners. This one works like a charm!

4. Micellar Water

I’ve talked about this before, in my #Repurpose article, you can replace the soap and water with some old micellar water that you no longer use. I honestly don’t recommend you buying it just for this, cause you use up a lot of it, but if you have some of it on hand and you hate using it on your face, knock yourself out! Check out my previous article for more information on this.

5. Shampoo

Baby shampoo, normal shampoo, every shampoo! Just pour it into a container/ glass/ cup whatever can hold liquid, and pour some water. Wiggle the brush through the container, and if you feel the brush still has stuff caught in its’ bristles, use the palm of your hand or or a surface similar to that of those plastic brush cleaners. Rinse and milk it! Don’t actually milk it, but try to gently squeeze the excess water.

6. Dish Soap

You use it exactly like the shampoo, and it’s especially good for cleaning beauty blenders. You wet the beauty blender, pour some dish soap on it, and gently massage it in between the palm of your hands, like you’d do if you tried to wash some serious dirt from your palms. Rinse it and let it somewhere warm to dry.

P.S. You can also add conditioner at the end of a full wash, rinse and dry!

How do you clean your makeup tools? Let me know in the comment section below! Please, like, share and subscribe if you enjoy my hexing posts!

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