I think this will be the first part of a looooong series. We’ve all had our horrid makeup mistakes. But it’s ok, I’m here to tell you how horrible your face has been!

1. Blush on the sides of the face

Why?! Why do people like to do that? When you have no makeup on and your crush walks over you don’t blush on your temples, or next to your ears, so why do people like this look? I’ve noticed several beauty gurus apply it all over above the contouring lines of the cheekbones and that is not how people blush in real life. I don’t know, maybe they do it to appear younger, but on the contrary, I think it just makes you look older and like rosacea is protruding through the foundation.

2. Excessively overdrawn lips

If you’re a drag queen, by all means, please do it! I adore seeing that change when they go from a manly mouth to blow up doll lips. But if you’re going out for a coffee, clubbing or whatever, and you are not a drag queen performing, this looks ridiculous. Why do you think they don’t do close-ups of drag queens?! From close up the optical illusion doesn’t work. We can see you ain’t got DSL lips, guuurl. Oh, and have you thought about how you look after you eat?! Oh, hell no!

3. Bronzed face on a white body

Stop abusing bronzer! Just go in the sun for a little while! As long as you avoid the hot summer sun in the afternoon, and use the proper protection, you’ll be fine.

Honestly, I think it’s better maybe even to be paler on the face, just to match the neck.  And the chest area. Match the contouring to the darker parts of your body.

4. Using dirty brushes

Sometimes a makeup can end up looking muddy. Why is that? I’ll tell you why! Someone didn’t clean their brushes! If you’re going to apply highlighter with the same brush you used for contour, make sure that there’s no brown stuff left in there, duuh. Muddy makeup comes from dirty brushes. You don’t have to wash them but at least rub them on a dry tissue or use a brush cleaner to spritz them before rubbing.

5. Lashes that are too big

You know what happens when your lashes hit your brow bone? One: you’re a drag queen. Two: kitsch! We all want full, sexy, thick and long lashes, but there is a limit between sexy and exaggerated kitschy lashes.

6. Dry Beauty Blender

Yes! Believe it or not, there are still people out there that do not know that you have to wet a beauty blender. If you are one of them, it’s ok, you’re safe now! Your foundation will look flawless after you wet that blender. You can thank me later!

What makeup mistakes are you guilty of? Let me know in the comment section below. Don’t forget to subscribe to our brand new desktop alerts. Never miss a witchy article!

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