5 Witchy Shows to keep you busy on a rainy day

Here are my favourite 5 TV shows about magic and witches! They are in no particular order, as each of these was a favourite at a different time. Each of them also works better when in a certain mood, but I’ll let you be the judge of that.

1. Penny Dreadful

Eva Green is – hands down – the only woman that could turn me into a lesbian. Set in Victorian London, it follows the story of Viktor Frankenstein, medium Vanessa Ives, explorer Sir Malcom Murray and gunslinger Ethan Chandler and their fight against paranormal entities such as vampires, witches, demons and many more.

2. Witches of East End

Hot witches and warlocks! Need I say more? Unfortunately this show got cancelled after just 2 seasons, but it’s still worth a watch. The show follows a family of witches: a mother with two adult daughters and their aunt. Oh, and the show begins with the daughters not knowing that they are immortal witches placed under a curse. P.S. A lot of sexy hunks in this one!

3. Salem

Set in the time when Salem got it’s reputation as a witches’ den, and barbequing them was a regular event, this show is a must! The visuals are stunning! Blood, gore and sexy witches!

4. American Horror Story: Coven

If you haven’t heard of American Horror Story, you must be living under a rock. The great thing about it is that you don’t have to watch the entire thing to understand it. Each season has a theme, and even though the creators of the show have explained that in a way they are all connected, each season is perfectly able to be a stand alone show.  The season about witches, Coven, is the third season. It aired in 2013 and it is an orgasmic display of witchy fashion and New Orleans decor.

5. The Magicians

I am currently reading the book that inspired this show. What I love about this one is how it’s not affraid to kill off characters, and to show crazy college teens having floating sex and using drugs. It’s about a magic school where each character is very well formed, with strengths, weaknesses and inner demons. And it hasn’t been cancelled!


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