1. Cream products love skin to skin

You often see makeup artists have huge stains of eyeliner and other cream/gel products on the back of their hand. That’s not because it’s a comfortable spot to put product on, but because by having contact with the skin before being actually applied to it, helps the product become easier to maneuvre. That’s why you should put your foundation and gel eyeliner on the back of your hand before applying. When it comes to makeup base, just apply it with your fingers and that should make it easier for it to latch on to the skin. Skin temperature warms up the product, and they react better. This also applies to hair conditioner, you should warm it in your hands before slathering your hair with it.

2. Powder is your best friend

Translucent loose powder is made to look undetectable if you use a light hand. And not only that, powder will dry all cream products and make them last longer. I know a lot of witches that just apply a CC cream and they’re done. There’s nothing wrong with that, but powder helps your skin not get as oily during the day, it locks in product and prevents creasing under the eyes and in the fine lines of the face.

3. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

I’ve said it once, I’ve said it twice, and I’ll say it a hundred more times: hydration is vital. No matter what miracle foundation you use, if your skin isn’t hydrated both from the inside and outside, it won’t look flawless. No matter how oily your skin is, it doesn’t mean it is hydrated, so don’t skip it! I have put oil and hydrating primers on oily skinned girls, and to their surprise their faces didn’t turn into an oil spill, as they usually did when they followed their usual makeup routine.

4. Set your eye base

I never thought a lot of people still do not know this, but no matter what fancy ass eyelid primer you use, you have to dry that shit with a powder or eyeshadow similar to your natural skin colour. This helps your eyeshadow blend better, and we all know blending is the key to a good looking makeup. If the base isn’t dried down, the eyeshadow will grip to the skin.


 5. Pay attention to the colour wheel

Makeup is simple, you just got to remember that everything can be solved with the colour wheel. That’s why when you use green, purple, yellow concealers it is called colour correcting. Complementary colours cancel each other out. So don’t follow blindly into all these trends where girls cover dark circles with red concealer. Red works with green, that’s why we apply green concealer over zits. Also, the colour wheel can help you keep your makeup in an esthetically pleasing direction. Most cold colours don’t work well with warm tones. That’s why next time you’re having a dilemma if that eyeshadow works well with that lipstick open up the colour wheel on Google.


I hope you enjoyed my tips on a better makeup. Leave a comment below if you think I should do a more in depth article on the colour wheel. Until the next time, stay witchy!

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