5 Reasons Why Black is a Witch’s Best Friend

I swear I got the idea for this article in a dream, last night. The magical energies of the Universe have spoken! In a world full of beautiful patterns and vibrant colours, I think it’s time we remembered the basics: beautiful, classy black!

1. It’s flattering for every body type and skin complexion

You want to emphasize or want to hide something? Black can do both! If you’re short like me and want to make your legs look longer, wear black shoes and pants because this doesn’t cut off the leg. You could achieve the same look with other colours, but let’s be real, it’s hard to find pants and shoes in the exact same shade.

2. Mixing and matching is a breeze

Black goes with anything! Want to emphasize a bag, shoes, a necklace or anything else? Then wear an all black outfit, to make that special accessory or whatever really pop out! Got black furniture? Perfect! You can use pops of color in accessories to change things up, without having to redesign and refurnish.

3. Versatile

Sure, a pink cocktail dress is nice, but the classiest, sexiest and most appropriate for every occasion will always be black. They didn’t make the little black dress a staple piece of clothing for nothing! Even when it comes to furniture, black can be used both for modern minimalist pieces and for classic black gothic pieces.

4. Not pretentious

Black clothes are easy to maintain. The vibrance doesn’t fade like with coloured clothes, and it doesn’t become yellow like whites. If a piece of clothing gets that weird red-brownish discoloration stain because it’s old, just take a black marker (sharpie) and cover that shit up. Once I had to sew real fast a dress of mine, but I didn’t have time to change the thread from white to black, so I took a marker and made the thread black. MAGIC!

5. No visible sweat marks

I started wearing a lot of black when I was in middle school and I discovered rock music. I got a couple of band tees and realized they had a major plus besides being cool: nobody could see my sweat. I put on deodorant, so I smell like a flower, but a wet, sweaty flower nonetheless. After I picked that trick up, black became my best friend. Even to this day, if I see a coloured dress that is absolutely mesmerizing, I will most probably buy its’ black sister, to make sure that if I put my hands up in the air at a party, it doesn’t look like a Jackson Pollock painting under my pits.

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