5 Beauty Myths Debunked

The more you wash your face, the better it gets

This is completely false, there is such a thing as overwashing your face. It is recommended that you wash it twice a day, in the morning and evening. Ok, no one’s saying that if you sweat like a hoe in church at the gym you should carry your sweat around until the evening. You can wash your face with cold water after a big ol’ sweat session, but don’t exaggerate and use a lot of products and replicate your morning or evening routine. Just water works fine!

I know I’ve been found guilty of overwashing my face. What happens is that you keep scraping the sebum out of your skin, and that’s not good. You don’t need an oil spill on your face, but by overwashing your skin will start to produce even more sebum to compensate. It’s like when you go on an extreme diet, if you suddenly stop eating, your body enters in shock mode and will preserve every ounce of food to make sure that it doesn’t starve and you don’t die. By washing with all these cleansers you can also end up stripping your skin of all the nutrients it needs, making it end up dry and starving.

Face oils are not good for oily skin

False! Oils are good for every type of skin, even if you have oily skin, you still need to hydrate. The fact that you produce sebum doesn’t mean that your skin is hydrated and full of nutrients. Of course there are different types of oils that are suited for different types of skins. What may work for dry skin might not work for oily, but this also depends on your previous beauty regimen. I for example have large pores, oily skin, but I have traumatized my skin so much with different harsh products that my skin is now dehydrated, I no longer get oily, but I do get horrible breakouts…CONSTANTLY! I’ve been using a serum that contains olive oil, which is very good for dry skin. My skin sucks it up like there’s no tomorrow.

The more beauty products, the better

Mno! It’s like with perfume, if I can smell you from a mile away, bitch you’re trying to hard! But with face products it’s not that I can smell you, but I can see how you fucked up your skin is! I know I’ve done it! Less is more! All these bloggers and youtubers recommend a bucket of products every week. There is such a thing as too much! You strip your skin of its natural much needed protection by continuously cleansing, scrubbing and rubbing your face with stuff. Too many substances can throw off the natural processes that are happening in your skin.

Of course when you see these beauty gurus with their perfect skin you’re thinking they MUST be right, but they are the people that had really good skin even when they were using nothing. I trust those that I have seen get a pimple, and don’t have three beautifying filters and lights over their faces. It’s the same principle as bra usage: the more you wear it, the saggier your boobs are gonna get, cause the muscles aren’t being used and they get weaker. The same goes for your skin, if you give it too much, it ain’t gonna do nothin’.

Drinking water will keep your skin looking hydrated and soft

The hydration process is not a three way, but a two way deal. Hydrate from the inside and the outside.  I for one drink lots of water, but the skin on my legs still looks as cracked as the Grand Canyon from a distance. The outer layers of the skin are exposed to environmental factors, thus they need some extra lovin’. Cream yourself!

Shaving will make your hair thicker and darker

Your hair looks thicker because it no longer has its’ tip. It’s like when you look at a tree, the branches are thinner towards the top and the trunk is thicker at the base. The same goes for hair! When it looks thicker it also looks darker because it’s bigger, and the hairs that really are darker… well that’s just your hair naturally darkening.

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