Hello, witches!

Today I want to help you get ready for my favourite holiday, HALLOWEEN! Every year I start thinking about Halloween months ahead, but I generally do nothing because I’m a lazy ass witch. So, if you’re the same, this post might help you by giving you some simple, budget-friendly costume ideas.

1. Glitter Demon

This is a super simple idea, you get a fancy ass looking makeup and the outfit can be anything you have lying around your house ranging from a killer black sexy dress to a jazzy sparkly one in the colours of your glitter, ’cause we all know matchy-matchy is important for this witch.

I did the horns by using a foam clay from IPB. You can use any type of modelling clay that’s not heavy because your forehead muscles will move and you want to make sure that your horns don’t fall in the punch bowl.

After modelling them into the desired shape you can leave them out to dry, or if you’re an impatient witch like me you can just apply some glitter glue on top and wait for them to dry. I waited about a day because I was in no hurry (I made these a year ago and forgot all about them). You can paint them if you don’t want to be a glitter demon, WHATEVER FLOATS YOUR BOAT!

I had some pink glitter lying around so I went with this pink and purple combo. I did my eyes, then my face and contoured with shades of pink and purple blush, you can easily use eyeshadow, it will work just as well. Then I applied Nyx’s glitter glue in random runny patterns under my eyes and patted the glitter on with a flat brush. I used the same glitter glue on my lips but there I applied glitter especially intended for makeup.

I used lash glue to stick the horns to my forehead. I applied shitload of it on the bottom of the horns and stuck them into position. Don’t worry if some of the glue seeps out from underneath the horns, you will cover that shit up with hair gel mixed with glitter. this helps the horns look like they are coming out from underneath your skin. I applied a bit too much and it created this cool effect of it running down my face. You can rub the excess off or try to try it with a blow dryer set on low.

I completed the look by adding the gel mixed with glitter to my nasty roots and VOILA!

Cheap, easy and fast!

2. Unicorn

Unicorns are all the rage right now! So if you don’t have a unicorn onesie to throw on and leave the house you can easily do a glittery/sparkly/shimmery makeup, throw on a unicorn headband on, a colourfull outfit and maybe a tutu and you’re done. If you don’t have a unicorn headband you can easily make a horn out of paper and stick it to any old headband.


3. Day of the Dead inspired skull

Like with the glitter demon, you can dress however you wish and feel good. It’s all about the MUUUG! I went to my local Jumbo, bought some white children’s face paint for 2 bucks, applied it all over my model’s face with a flat foundation brush. Powdered it with e.l.f.’s HD Studio Powder in white, then for the eyes I used black face paint and some eyeliner. For the contouring of the cheekbones, I applied black eyeshadow and to give it more depth I drew lines with my Nyx Epic Ink liner and blended them in by patting with my fingers.

For that sexy gold teary look, I scraped some golden eyeshadow out of its’ pan and mixed it with Inglot’s Duraline. If you can’t get Duraline you can use either Makeup Revolution’s Aqua Seal. If you can’t get that, then you can try adding water but it might crack during the night, it works nicely when you’re making a simple eyeliner line out of your eyeshadow but I don’t know how it’ll last when you’re going full-on Alice Cooper tears.

First, try not to add too much Duraline so you can easily draw the desired patterns, then add little by little for the tears, you don’t want to make them too runny as to ruin the rest of the makeup.

For the teeth, I used a golden liquid lipstick from London Girl but you can use the same golden eyeshadow or white, or whatever you desire. It’s all up to you, this is just for inspiration.

Dear witches, I hope you enjoyed this post and that it inspired you. Have fun on Halloween and don’t forget to share your creations with and push that notifications button. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the newest additions to the Coven.

Bye, witches!

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